The reality of our existence as human beings is that no-one escapes exposure to negative or traumatic experiences. At times, people can become so entangled in distressing emotions and thoughts that it seems impossible to break the vicious cycle, no matter how hard they try .I,  Dr Wade, aim to help you make positive changes during challenging times in your life through professional therapeutic counselling in my practice, The Olive Branch.

The mission of the Olive Branch is to provide caring, supportive environment for clients experiencing emotional distress, relationship difficulties and trauma. I, Dr Wade,  have a passion to see lasting growth in people’s lives and I  strive for a deep understanding of those with whom I work. I am a creative person with extensive theoretical knowledge and practical experience which I use to assist clients to find ways of living more productive and satisfying lives. Although trauma has the capacity to linger and change one’s life, it does not need to be a life sentence. I use Somatic Experiencing, an innovative and new approach to overcoming trauma. I find it deeply satisfying to see my clients overcome the debilitating effects of traumatic experiences, using this gentle and safe approach, which avoids re traumatizing the client and provides a deep resolution of trauma on both an emotional and physiological level.

I recognise that a relationship with a significant person, whether a partner , parent or child can be one of the most nourishing and rewarding experiences in life. However, there are times when the communication and behavioural patterns in these relationships are a source of pain and distress. Relationship counselling and family therapy are offered at the Olive Branch to deal with these difficulties. This includes couple counselling, parent child interaction, training in parenting skills, assistance with abusive relationships, reaching out to adult survivors of childhood abuse and divorce recovery.



Dr Barbara Wade
D Phil (Social work). MSc (Psychology)